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Kukka Outdoor Lifestyle 是澳門一間以

我們的理念是 —「為日常生活注入露營感」。
透過kukka各種選物,令客人即使在居家生活亦可以感受到風格露營的樂趣。選物著重美學、產品理念、 故事和歷史,希望透過選物,令生活變得更有質感和溫度。

Kukka Outdoor Lifestyle is a lifestyle store with the theme of "Mountain style x Camping Lifestyle".
We specialize in a variety of camping style products, sundries and apparel.
Our philosophy is
"To bring a sense of camping to everyday life".
Our selection focuses on aesthetics, product concept and functionality, and we hope to make life more warm through our selection.


Camping makes everything better!